Tagging Events - suitable tag missing


Hello, I had two activity in ‘Away mode’ today. Both of them was triggered by my robotic vacuum cleaner. But here is no suitable tag in my time line. The option ‘Other’ is unavailable to I can mark this event.


That’s a great idea! Are there other categories as well that you think would be useful as well?


Hey @MAlex,

You can use the “Other” tag for this situation, but if might look like you’re not able to select this option as it will be grayed out until you type something. At the bottom of the pre generated tag list, tap on the word “Other”. Your keyboard should come up so you can type in what you’d like the tag to be called. You can then select this category and save it. Hope that helps!


Hi, thank you. I am fresh user of Canary. I really like this device. I explore how it works. Interesting category is geofencing for me. I have some feedback for Canary team. Let’s see.


Hi Angie - bingo! That is exactly what I was looking for. The event has been tagged just now this way :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your support!


Is there a way to delete tags once you’ve entered it?


Apart from categorising the events for your timeline (which isn’t very useful as you can’t filter by tags) are tags used for anything?

I don’t believe there’s any machine learning going on for your own videos - do Canary actually learn from tags to improve their overall algorithms?