Tell me this isn't a ghost


Brief explanation: this was caught on my Canary overnight. Looks like it could be a piece of paper or something flying through air (or a white bat demon!). I didn’t think much of it until I got to the studio in the morning and there was absolutely nothing on the floor or anywhere in the studio that could possibly be this thing.

I need someone to offer a good scientific explanation so that I don’t have to pack my family up and move. Ha! Anyone have anything like this caught on camera? Could it be dust or some kind of light reflection?

White Light Images

Oh that’s most certainly a ghost! :ghost: :slight_smile:

It actually looks like a feather or piece of dust. We see these often - dust particles or even bugs can appear huge when close to the camera and illuminated by the infrared LED.

But be sure to keep us informed if you start hearing strange noises or the furniture starts moving around the room! Thanks for sharing @TBK.


It actually looks like a feather or piece of dust.

I don’t know, Dave, that sounds pretty far fetched…

Edit: @TBK I caught something similar, and now I’m furiously searching for the clip.


Haha, thanks guys. If you find it, post it, Pete.


@TBK Found it. Please excuse the vertical orientation and the sparsely decorated, newly inhabited apartment.

Take note of the blinking white orbs in the top left and top right corners:


That’s so strange!! :scream:


New Canary owner here, and I just got my two new AIOs yesterday. Set them up in the evening, and last night was my first experience with seeing my house in night vision. It is unbelievable how big and bright tiny little dust particles appear in the camera when it is in night vision mode with the IR LEDs on! I was totally aghast when watching the live view last night. I looked like it was freaking snowing in my family room!!!

Great, Canary is now going to force me to drop beau-coup bucks on a flippin’ whole-house air purifier!


When my night vision is on sometimes I see a white light moving?


Hi @jmkiwak,

I went ahead and moved your post to an existing topic on this. This is a somewhat common experience where the infrared lights that turn on during night vision can reflect off small particles of dust, insects, or other small floating objects and create an effect of a white light or orb moving around the room. This is normal behavior and nothing to worry about.

Hope that clarifies things!


I wish I had kept the clip, but I had a spider, or at least some type of living thing with long thin body parts, moving around over the camera…Almost as if it was reaching around from behind like an Alien facehugger…lol I was out of town and wasn’t able to see what it was. When I returned, there wasn’t a sign of anything near the camera…not a web or any Alien skeletons…dang it…


It’s a flying insect. We get it in the warm weather.


I used to think that when my Canary Notification chime when it went off at night was nothing more then my cat. Until while sitting out in the parking lot of the Homedepot store close to where we live at 8:30 AM I heard it go off so I thought would look to see what my cat was up to but, only the cat was no where to be found just a “White Orb going across my office. It really had me surprised I posted to my Facebook page some of my buddies were surprised when they saw it as well.Any how I tried to copy & past but, gave some crap that was not authorized how can that be I used my wife’s iPhone to send it to my phone in a text message. I guess as soon as I can get them posted but, there are quite a few and no way it is dust or any thing else because they show up moving at different speeds moving from cieling to floor right to left left to right fast slow then fast. If any one knows how to post video on this I am too tired to keep up tonight


It’s dust or fluff flying around … Your house is dirty lol


Well, how about another ghost Vid from one of my flex’s.

Never mind. The system won’t let me upload the curious video since Canary sends it to me in a .mp4 format.


I have mysterious orbs that come through on my camera. Happens with lights on and with night vision. It’s definitely energy and not dust. Thank you for sharing, I’ve have been looking for other videos like mine… Any updates in your household? :eyes:


I’ll trade ghosts with you. Mine likes to move things or hide them. One of the reasons why I got this camera was because of all the weird things happening and I want to rule out the ghost. I think it’s somebody in my building coming in here when I’m not here. Too many things are happening that point to another tenant having keys to my apartment, but I’ll continue to blame the ghost until I find out. By the way, I do believe in ghosts. I’ve seen enough of them and they follow me wherever I move to. I also have cats and they see things too. Animals and children are more susceptible to ghosts than adults.


It could be an orb or your ceiling is falling apart. I would leave the camera running at night. You might catch something interesting.


I just wanted to share this as well. This definitely freaked me out. It was recorded on 9/2/2018 at 5:45am while everyone was asleep in the house. Please somebody assure me that this is not what I think it is.
Hey, it’s your neighbor. I came over Friday around 7pm, but you were not home. Just wanted to see what you think about this?
Watch “Caught a ghost on my Canary camera!!!” on YouTube


Ghost was just probably playing paper airplanes. No big deal XD


My canary caught ghost cat at night time. Look at video it captured . Cat on the right is real, on the left is ghost :thinking: Can somebody explain how it happened ?