Tell me this isn't a ghost

I’ve seen a lot of this type of phenomenon and have found that when I thoroughly analyze the video footage and environmental conditions which orb type video captures occur I am usually able to find reasonable explanations relatively easily.

For example, I was shown a group of 4 orbs caught on a security camera in a large manufacturing facility that were amorphous and seemed to be dancing together then suddenly flew off in different directions. Watching them reminded me of how radiant particles (electromagnetic radiation) react when photons come in contact with atoms that cause them to become polarized. The attract to one another as long as the atomic energy lasts. One the atoms have dissipated they lose their polarization and no longer are attracted to each other. We tested the area on camera for electromagnet radiation and found that this area had older wiring that had worn and deteriorated insulation that was emitting charged particles. The camera caught the infrared images of some atomicly excited radiant particles as they were polarized then released.

As for your anomaly, the object shown has a defined shape and structure. Therefore it is a solid object, not amorphous which would be the case of recorded energy. In my estimation I suspect that what you recorded is probably a piece of lint expelled from a ceiling fan blade or simply blown off of a surface.

Just a note, there HAVE been phenomena which I have encountered which have to be described as unexplained, meaning that there was no reasonable conclusion could be drawn as to the cause based upon evidence and analysis.

Hear you! Here is a You Tube video we just posted that may offer some verification that this is not some camera trick that many use to dismiss the obvious!
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I have video of the same thing bity it won’t let me upload!

:joy::joy::joy::joy:I can’t. He said tell him so he doesn’t have to pack his family and move

I had this same thing flying through my house last night. At first I thought it was an orb but I could make out the shape of wings in my video as well. I cant believe I just found your video with the same object. Let me try to upload my 2 videos.

I find it astounding your canary captured a piece of dust. Ours won’t even capture full sized vehicles. Waste of money