The Ability to create Motion Zones


Hey @unlimited_lifes,

This ideas has been suggested before, go take a look and voice your thoughts on that original thread! More input from the community will help drive the addition of new features like this!



I am having an issue with this as well. My drive way is very long and I have positioned the camera to get all the way to very edge of the drive way. There is a very little spot where you can see cars going by on the video.

At night, the camera records every time a car goes by and it catches the headlights of the car. Now I have the notifications turned off at night and while I am home but I would like turn it on in case someone does come up at night. it is annoying to see 12 videos from the night in my feed every morning.

Any type of motion zone or way to reduce detection would be helpful

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Happy to see we’ve got an update for masking. Unhappy it’s not available on the Flex however. Are there plans to introduce this at a later time? The reasoning that the cameras are used to view outdoor environments doesn’t exactly explain why masking wouldn’t be useful.



Same question I have, its actually more beneficial for the flex since there mostly used outdoors and it would help eliminate unwanted areas that you don’t want motion to be triggered.



Agree with the comments that this would be extremely useful for the Flex and the explainer from Canary about why this isn’t on the Flex is kind of a load of crap. Every location being monitored, indoor or out, have areas that can be filtered out to reduce unwarranted notifications.

I’d argue that an outdoor camera needs this MORE than an indoor camera. An indoor camera it’s easier to predict the motion that is occurring. My Outdoor Flex sends me a notification every time the leaves rattle on the trees in the lower corner of the view, any time a car drives past in the street, etc.

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Hey all, thanks for the feedback in relation to masking support for Canary Flex. Building the appropriate experience for Canary Flex is a bit tricky, especially when the device runs on battery and relies on the PIR sensor; but we’re looking to address. The feature update is on our radar, though unfortunately we don’t have a timeframe for release. This feedback helps us prioritize.

Thanks again

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Masks for Canary Flex
Mobile app v2.5.0 [iOS & Android]

I would LOVE this feature to come to the Flex. I currently use the ‘Mask’ feature on the ALL IN ONE Canary Camera and it’s a life saver!!



Our driveway has bushes along both sides and we live in a windy spot. Our flex is pretty much permanently uploading rubbish to the Canary’s servers. As a result I no longer check motion alerts nor go through the timeline, our flex videos will only likely be checked re-actively (if we find damage to a car for instance).

Needless to say I would love to put an exclusion zone over those bushes (just like our indoor Canaries)



Glad to see I’m not alone with the masking feature. It is useless for me without it. I actually bought the Blink and returned it for the same reason…a hundred cars a day setting it off with no way to mask areas. I bought the Canary because I saw that masking was available, but unfortunately missed the part where it was only on the All-in-One. Needless to say the Flex is going back as a return until they come out with masking. Too bad…nice camera and the mounting system is really nice.

You also need to be able to turn off notifications. Maybe I missed that, but I didn’t see where motion activation could be turned off.



I used a Canary AIO for monitoring my driveway from inside my house, but at night this was rendered useless by the IR reflections from the window glass. As my driveway has much passing traffic, the AIO masking feature was perfect to filter this out so that only motion coming onto my property would be recorded/notified. With the advent of the Flex, I have now replaced the AIO with an external Flex, but can no longer apply the mask, so I am back to frequent notifications about passing traffic. Could you consider the implementation of masking on the Flex?



Hey @dave.p,

You are certainly not the first person to have asked this question! The latest comment from Canary directly was as follows

I have additionally merged your topic and the previous topic to help keep these ideas and requests together.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write!

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I would like to see that soon too because my Canary flex is in the front of the house so I need Motion Zone to only get notifications when someone is in my property. Than you.



My flex is basically useless without a mask. I have to place it so that it doesn’t see the cars passing on the street and doing so only gives me a very small view of my front door and entrance way.



I’m in the same boat, my Flex is useless until it has masks - as I get constant notifications from passing traffic or have to have the sensitivity so low it doesn’t pick anything up.



Just installed a Flex outdoors yesterday and unfortunately the battery got sucked dry in under a day. I figured out is was probably either rain or the bush in the lower corner of the things field of vision. I poked around online and found this community, and noticed this thread. A solid plus one vote for some sort of mask capability on the Flex. I just want to monitor my front door, and not have to pull up my bushes to do it!




A year has passed. Any progress on the issue regarding motion zones on the Flex?

Sincerely, Vegard



Yes, I can share that masking is coming to Flex soon!




Hi all, we’re happy to share that we just released Masking for Canary Flex devices. Now all Canary devices will support Masking, including Canary All-in-One, Canary Flex, and Canary View.

Your Canary Flex device must be running on firmware v3.1.0, and you must have the latest mobile app 2.14.0. This firmware update will roll out automatically to all Canary devices over the week.

Thank you such much for your input, feedback, and patience as we worked to get this feature out to you. Check out the blog for more details.



Does masking on the flex require that the device be connected to a power supply, or will it work wire-free?



Hi @Dan1, it does. Masking on Flex works when the device is plugged in and when it runs on battery.