The Ability to create Motion Zones


My flex is basically useless without a mask. I have to place it so that it doesn’t see the cars passing on the street and doing so only gives me a very small view of my front door and entrance way.


I’m in the same boat, my Flex is useless until it has masks - as I get constant notifications from passing traffic or have to have the sensitivity so low it doesn’t pick anything up.


Just installed a Flex outdoors yesterday and unfortunately the battery got sucked dry in under a day. I figured out is was probably either rain or the bush in the lower corner of the things field of vision. I poked around online and found this community, and noticed this thread. A solid plus one vote for some sort of mask capability on the Flex. I just want to monitor my front door, and not have to pull up my bushes to do it!



A year has passed. Any progress on the issue regarding motion zones on the Flex?

Sincerely, Vegard


Yes, I can share that masking is coming to Flex soon!



Hi all, we’re happy to share that we just released Masking for Canary Flex devices. Now all Canary devices will support Masking, including Canary All-in-One, Canary Flex, and Canary View.

Your Canary Flex device must be running on firmware v3.1.0, and you must have the latest mobile app 2.14.0. This firmware update will roll out automatically to all Canary devices over the week.

Thank you such much for your input, feedback, and patience as we worked to get this feature out to you. Check out the blog for more details.


Does masking on the flex require that the device be connected to a power supply, or will it work wire-free?


Hi @Dan1, it does. Masking on Flex works when the device is plugged in and when it runs on battery.



That is awesome, thank you for the info!