[Topic Request] - Detailed Specs on Devices


Hey guys!

One thing that has been awesome about the community here is finding out some of the inner workings of Canary, how different products work, what the difference between a Flex that’s plugged in and a Flex on battery power and details similar to that.

What I would love to see added to the FAQ/Help Section is a detailed spec sheet on each device. Including information like:

  • Recording bit rate
  • Upload rate
  • Download speed from cloud servers
  • What cloud services are used
  • We know something about the encryption, but how is it actually protected?
  • How the computer vision/IR works on the different devices
  • Details about the cameras themselves (their exact ratios, FPS, etc. * this is available, but it should all be detailed in one place as well*)
  • Power consumption info
  • Information on serial numbers (which serial numbers have bluetooth functionality, which don’t, etc.)
  • Information on audio recording
  • Detailed tech specs about the device
  • Detailed specs on waterproofing and other build components
  • etc.

So, obviously the list can go on and on, but it would take for expansion on what is already out there. For example, on the Flex page it states:

“Night Vision - High-quality automatic night vision”

Well, what does that mean?

“Audio - High-quality microphone - Built-in speaker (two-way talk enabled, coming soon)”

What db range does it pick up, how loud is it when transmitting, does audio trigger recording, etc.

It may take some time to aggregate all of this and may need to be kept updated regularly, but it might help explain a lot of the answers that are given throughout Canary Community, and for tech-users who care about the details, having a full specs sheet would be incredibly valuable when making a decision to purchase a Canary device.

I generally believe that transparency on these types of things helps users in the end understand and use their products, so I am hoping this is something that can and will be done!

Be able to rotate image 90, 180, 270 degrees

Hi Zev,
I am interested in this kind of info also. I have a Canary AIO and Flex, i know the flex has a 1080p sensor but displays live stream in 720p (i assume to meet various wireless standards and bandwidth differences).

From a technical perspective, this wouldn’t appear to be an issue but i have a sneaking suspicion that the encoding is also heavily compressed (when you zoom even at 2x, it seems like you entered the world of Minecraft!).

When running on a glass connection with dual / dual band AP’s i find it odd that high compression and 720p are applied. Maybe this is something the Dev’s could look at as more and more people are getting super responsive connections.

Also things like> What are the exact differences in characteristic when running a Flex on power or battery? For example, i notice the activations massively decrease on battery even though the device is set to long range. This is great for battery life and everything, but i don’t see anywhere in the documentation about different characteristics depending on power state. Long range should be long range… i don’t want my Flex missing something important when running on batteries because of a “feature” when running on batteries. We all get the point of having a low power state, but the detection characteristics should remain the same, or there should be a new sub menu created that controls and identifies range and characteristics when specifically in battery mode.

Another question i had was regarding the Flex 1080p recordings and playback (not live mode)… Are these really 1080p? Or is that just some Tech reviewer article i read, getting it wrong. If they have a 1080p sensor, whats the point if the device is restricted to compressed 720p in all respecsts. I would hope this is not just to stay in the game in the specs war, so it can be printed on the side of the box! If its got a 1080p sensor, let us, the users, take advantage of it… After all, we did pay for it!

All in i really like Canary and in the world of IOT, you guys definitely have one of the best offerings, but you gotta sour out the little things, thats the difference between a good product and a great product!