Track and export HomeHealth data over longer periods of time


To piggyback on what you said @wa.ellis about the air quality/huminity/tempature features the “All-In-One” has, i also feel that the information collected on those three variables should be saved so user can track those over months and years rather than 24 hours.

The most anal of canary users can poientinally download that specific data from the web app as a CSV or Excel file for whatever they want to do with it.

Export of Home Healt Data
Plans for Web App?

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Love this idea! As it is, the information is not as useful to me since I can’t see historical trends (i.e days/weeks).


I also agree. I’m learning a lot about home humidity because I’m about to install hardwood floors. They warranty the product but only if the humidity has been maintained between 30 - 60 % relative humidity. Don’t know how I’d prove that unless I had some longitudinal numbers.
Canary however DOES send a notification when humidity is “out of range” (which you set yourself) which is a nice feature.
Having a longer period of information would be greatly appreciated.


Yes… having an aggregate of air quality for a month and be able to download to an Excel worksheet would be very useful.


I would also like to see more history for conditions. Here’s an odd one. We returned home from a 2-week trip to the sound of water running. Friends had been in the house every day looking after our home and cat, and did not hear this, but we had told them they needn’t monitor the day we were due home.

While there appeared to be no leaks, I was able to track the sound to the vicinity of an outdoor spigot, which was not running. However, this spigot is fed through an inconvenient-to-access crawl space, and when my husband turned off the valve to ALL of the outside spigots, the noise stopped. We had previously had a problem with this line, involving a backflow preventer causing a supposedly freeze-proof faucet to freeze, and we now suspect it has a leak again.

Before we left on the trip, we kept getting notifications that our humidity was high. I’m now wondering how long that was going on, and whether it was related to this leak, but there is no way to look back at the data.


Even with the membership, I can see my home health data only for the last 24h. I would like to have at least the 30 days, or even better the possiblity to export in to Excel.


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