Trespassers mostly NOT recorded! Just 1st 20 sec. Common problem?

The app shows only the first 20 seconds (5:13:54- 5:14:14) of video my Canary AIO recorded of 2 uninvited visitors last month. Last month, I reviewed all logs from the month and was shocked. Basically there was the 20 seconds of them opening the door, coming in and starting to look around. Then the video stops! And there were NO further videos. Am I missing something? I think I’ve eliminated all reasonable explanations for the missing video:

  1. Yes, it was definitely well under 30 days since the trespass when I first reviewed the footage and found the video was largely missing, though now it’s been over 30 days.
    1. I have (and had) an active membership (and App shows “Membership Active”).
  2. The Canary AIO has excellent connectivity - hardwired, and on a solid commercial Comcast connection that tests great AND the AIO reported no connectivity issues. (Confirmed: I do have connectivity alerts enabled.).
  3. (Confirmed: The device was set to record All Motion in away mode, and was in away mode.)
  4. The intruders were both clearly visible from head to foot at the right side of the frame, and large enough that they were about 3/4 of the frame tall at the end of the 20 seconds, and couldn’t possibly have left without being very noticeable, as the door was center-frame. Confirmed: I don’t have any motion ignorers (masks) that could possibly have caused them to be ignored. I just have a small one on the left side of the frame.

I have noticed before that activity seemed to be missing from the timeline, but I hadn’t bothered thoroughly investigating or complaining. This time I was thorough. I can think of no reasonable excuse for the missing video. So, I’m wondering if this is a common problem-there being no recording of activity that should have been recorded, and it can’t be explained away by connectivity or anything

This concern doesn’t quite fit in any of the 6 Q&A categories, as the evidence strongly indicates there is not a ‘connectivity’ issue, so posting here in general. Please don’t move or merge.

I’m wondering if this is common - or if the complaints at, e.g.
Canary Offline on Ethernet and WiFi. Support is useless 💩 (copy at are relatively unusual or well-founded and common - especially the bit about the server infrastructure not being built out as needed to handle the load put on it. I haven’t contacted support about this yet, but thus far I’ve found it to be acceptable. I’m wondering whether to ask for a refund of my membership or what - assuming I haven’t missed something wrong on my end.

I’ve gone ahead and asked for that refund:

Case opened today: Can I get a Refund? The system simply not working for me. See Trespassers mostly NOT recorded! Just 1st 20 sec. Common problem? and Significant (and possibly dangerous) delays in activity notifications! and respond to both, please. And also: your status page doesn’t even make sense!: shows ongoing degradation but ALSO that all the problems have been solved. That’s contradictory!