Turning off device beep/sound when detects a motion or when playing remoteley


I’m planning to have a network of security cameras on my warehouse. One friend recommended me the Canary Flex camera. Actually he showed me one he already bought and it was great. I have to say that I love it. But there is couple of things I noticed with that camera that I don’t like, which are: { 1- when the camera detects a motion, just before getting activated to do a recording, the device emits a beep/sound (I’m talking about the device itself, NOT the app on the phone). 2- when from the phone I start streaming the live video from the camera, the Canary Flex camera also emits the same beep/sound }. Is there anyway to turn that sound off?. Also, is it possible to turn the sound off on the phone, by the way? Please, notice that my main concern is the sound emitted from the Canary Flex device. On my warehouse it is important that if these cameras start recording when detect motions or start broadcasting when requested from the app they don’t emit any sound. I need them to be totally silent.

Do I have any possibility with these amazing cameras?