Turning siren on and off


Feature Request - I’d love to see us be able to turn on the siren and then turn it off ourselves - if that is possible.
Thanks Very Much.


Thanks for the feedback, @japash7 ! You can actually manually turn on and off the siren. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your feedback.

Do you mind if I move this to a standalone post? Just so it has maximum visibility with the rest of the community.


When you’re watching a live feed, you can press the siren button on and off. I have noticed that it takes 1-2 seconds to turn on but 5-10 seconds to turn off. Not sure if that helps but you maybe experiencing a delay like I do.


Hi Pete - I don’t mind at all.
I know how to turn the siren on - but how do I turn it off? That’s wonderful!
Thanks for your help!


@japash7 To turn the siren off, you can just tap the same app button you tapped to sound it in the first place. This will give you the option to shut the siren off when it’s already sounding.


Angie - Thank you so very much!Patricia