Two-Way Audio Tech


Regarding 2 way audio - I purchased my 4 Canarys at the very beginning when shipments were delayed months after initial promise and when delivered, software was too buggy to be useful.

So, now I wonder (because I can’t find a clear answer anywhere on your website), do these Canarys have the microphone and speaker - which would be needed for 2 way audio? I don’t recall those being touted in any marketing material at the beginning?

So, if I want this capability, I need to replace my 4 Canarys with new “All In Ones”?

Change two-way talk button so you don't have to hold it down


Do you have a Canary All In One (AIO) or a Canary Flex?

Both devices (including the ones shipped from the early days, like mine!) are equipped with microphones and speakers. The speakers are already in use for the alarms. The microphones record the audio you hear in the videos that are recorded or that you watch live.

The Canary AIO currently supports two-way talk with a Canary Membership, Canary Flex devices will also be able to do this sometime in September 2017.

For more information on this please see the following FAQs from the website.

If your Canary AIO has not upgraded to the latest firmware (which you can check by following these steps then please reach out to Canary with your device’s serial number, and they will help ensure that the firmware gets pushed to your device.


Thanks for the reply Zev. I could have answered my own question, if I had only thought about what was picking up the audio and sending out the sirens. The Canary is so unobtrusive that those 2 things just weren’t obvious to me. Thanks again.


No worries! Glad I could help!