Two-Way Audio?


Before I was given the Canary all-in-one as a gift, I had been searching for other security cameras and GPS tracking devices. One feature I liked that most security systems do not have, but is a great feature, is two-way audio. I believe there are several practical applications for this:

  • Pet Owners speaking to pets
  • Parents speaking with baby-sitters/children
  • Security speaking to someone at an entrance

I’m sure there are other scenarios but those are off the top of my head.

Flex two-way audio

@wa.ellis I’m happy to report that all Canary Flex devices are two-way talk capable, to be enabled through an update, though I don’t have an exact timeline on that.

And I agree, those are all compelling use cases.


Excellent to hear this is in the works. Thanks @Pete !


You’re welcome @wa.ellis! Glad I could give a definitive answer.


I’ve been holding out on the canary flex until it has 2-way audio. I would like to use it on my front porch and am not interested in a doorbell solution like Ring. However, if it’s 6 months out, I probably can’t wait for it. Do you have a better idea yet on when we’ll see this feature? Thanks.


Any possibility to have this feature on the Canary All-in-one too?


Hey @urbanryno, I don’t have any update on a timeline, but we’re aiming for sooner rather than later.


From what I understand it was never built into the original Canary, but was always built into the Flex with it being enabled at a future date.


Thanks for replying,
having a microphone and a speaker I suppose it will be capable!


This is awesome news!! By far one of my favorite features on my Nest Cameras, and Ring Doorbell and Cameras.


Hello Pete,

Any update on the timeline for this feature?



Hey Evan, @DaveF is more qualified than I to answer this question, but while we’re continuing to work on it, I don’t have a specific timeline.

That said, there’s clearly a lot of interest in this feature, so know that we’re just as eager to release it.


Any more news on this feature and when it is coming to the all-in-one? Pete or Dave, can you post a time-line or road map of when this feature will be implemented?



No timeline to announce just yet, stay tuned!


I would love two-way audio for the Canary all-in-one!! I know the camera has a microphone to record activity and a speaker for the siren so does that mean a future update could make the camera a two-way audio device or is it a hardware related issue.


Is there any way to allow 2 way audio on the Regular canary Device??


@mgaiani @weer @JacksonCraig94 @xXMeechXx I can definitely understand the interest in seeing 2-way audio come to the Canary All-in-One! While this is in the works for Canary Flex, I’m afraid I don’t have any news to share about the Canary All-in-One getting 2-way capabilities. That said I’ll definitely pass your feedback about this on to our team :slight_smile:


Does anybody know that Arlo Pro cameras have a two-way audio that really works?
Why we all bought this camera with the promise of someday the two-way feature will work?


Why would Canary build the two-way audio option into the add-on Flex cameras but not consider adding or activating a two-way audio feature on the AIO base units? I mean, you would think they’d be called “All-in-One” for a reason!

Please, please, PLEASE activate a two-way audio feature on the AIO units!!! I’m begging you!

One of the main reasons we became new Canary owners is to provide our family with a sense of relief and comfort, especially for my older daughter. She has extreme anxiety that we are working with her on right now. She likes the idea that even if mommy and daddy are not at home, we can still check in on her and make sure she is okay. Starting next school year, she will be on her own in the morning to get up and ready for school. The ability for my wife and I to check in on her and keep tabs on her morning progress will be paramount, both for my daughter’s sense of security and also to ensure that she is getting to school on time. That is why I SO want two-way audio. Two-way audio would be a HUGE help with being able to monitor her progress, prod her along when necessary, and give my daughter a massive “security blanket” knowing that she is not completely alone. The ability for her to speak to us and us being able to respond over the AIO’s speaker would be a ginormous advantage to maintaining her sense of security. And also to chide her along when we see her procrastinating in the morning!

While we have only had our two Canary AIOs for two days now, we love them and are very happy with their performance. However, two-way audio is going to be a major sticking point for us, especially as we get closer to the start of the next school year. If Canary isn’t even considering a two-way audio feature for AIO units, we will most definitely be forced to switch to a different system.



I bought the classic one in a rush and I was under the impression they had 2 way audio to be competitve with nest…now I 've realized they dont and I m stuck with it…thank god I bought just one… the expansion will be with nest…$200 lost…the only time I didnt spent time to see the specs in detail…