Two-Way Audio?


The customer service people have refused to even talk about a refund, and had the audacity to offer me a 25% discount on the membership I don’t even want!!!

This is still £71 per year for something I may use around once a month!!

This is a total joke!

I only hope that more people get involved with giving feedback about this decision… It looks like my only option is to sell the camera to someone unsuspecting to get my money back! I really don’t want to but needs must!

This is a closed forum which they can choose to delete things if they don’t like the comments, so everyone needs to complain direct.

The feature has probably been ready for months, it has just taken them ages to work out how to integrate this into part of the paid service.

Its like buying a car and then having to pay someone a subscription to use the window wipers! Its a joke!


I totally agree with everyone that 2 way Audio should not a paid membership feature. There are multiple cameras in the market that offer this feature with no additional charge. This is basic functionality not additional capabilities that are leveraged by using the cloud


Just want to share that this isn’t perplexing to just us:

TechCrunch article: “That feature (two way talk) is available now for the standard all-in-one Canary camera and is hitting the Flex next month. Oddly, it requires a membership to Canary’s $10 a month subscription plan to utilize, as does desktop streaming from the company’s newly introduced Web app.”

CNET article: “While these upgrades should help make Canary’s camera lineup more competitive, these features aren’t new for the category. Standard two-way talk is typically a free feature available on a wide variety of DIY cameras. Web apps are less common, but are also typically free.”

MacRumors comments/forums: “Ugh. No HomeKit support and subscription model (for two way talk). NO.”

Engadget article comments: “Canary’s highly touted advantage has always been a very good no-fee tier. By depriving free users of these improvements, they’re sending a message that those days are coming to an end.”


I’m agreeing with everyone here in saying that 2 way audio shouldn’t be wrapped up in a subscription. As a programmer I understand the need for charging for features but this is somewhat of an already dated feature that is available for free by all the competitors for years. I appreciate the release of two way audio but I waiting patiently for over a year for this to be released. It was obvious there was already tension over two way audio, Canary has messed up by forcing membership for this feature. I have been tempted to sell my canary system in the past and I have made my decision today and today I say goodbye to Canary.


AT NO POINT was it clear that membership plan would be required to use the two way talk feature!!

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I remember getting my Canary when it first launched and it had the “coming soon” promise of having two-way talk. This was right after launch before even the slightest mention of memberships. Now the two-way talk is going to hide behind a membership plan. With many people here - not too fond of that decision.


Really wish I had picked a different camera system now. A lot of these people pre-ordered and helped you scrounge up the capital to bring these products to market on the promise of these features. Now here we are getting bent over for a membership plan just to use the hardware that was built in and supposed to be coming “shortly” after release. What a scam, I really hope the free market wipes the floor with you for this.


Agreeing that making the two-way audio membership-only feels like a broken promise. Like many others, I considered the feature set of the Flex, including features that were announced but not yet implemented. The fact that some features were not yet implemented is technically a negative, but early adopters generally expect some features to be incomplete – and we can still back the technology because we trust and believe in the company that is making it. Speaking as part of an active community that provides quality feedback and believes there is a place for security cameras that aren’t made by Nest, I think this trust has been damaged. Furthermore I do not appreciate receiving notifications from the app that have nothing to do with the security of my home – this is the phone notification equivalent of spam and I would not expect it from a reputable company.


I totally agree with your comments. I was an early adopter too and before purchasing my Flex device(s), I was told that the two-way talk was coming in very early 2017. Instead of Nest (I own their thermostats) I went with the Flex. I feel cheat and lied to this year. Thankfully I am a partner in a Agency in Chicago and my reputation management team needs some extra work.


The company has not been successful in signing up memberships largely because the price point does not match their demographic. I feel like they need to go on Shark Tank and get some help or call me. They need to relaunch their membership offerings and try to better understand their target demographic in the USA better.


Just want to flex today set it up set it up today so we could monitor my eighty-year-old mother and found that the way in unication did not work as implied by speaker and microphone on the package and found out I had to pay for that feature returning it tomorrow and making sure I tell everybody I know all over the Internet what a ripoff Company You Are


This company, ridiculously ripoff and no integrity with their words left to backers during start up campaign. A two-way talk, a simple & standard feature of most security devices but on Canary it is absurdly a premium feature for their members whose giving them fees monthly. I would understand if it is extended cloud storage but merely for two-way talk, Are You Kidding Me?!!!


Its seems to have been a while since I got the email that 2 way audio was finally here! But today I signed up for the annual membership because it was 50% off (sweet!) but two audio still isnt up and running?? Sup with that!?



Hey Adam, as explained in the announcement, the Canary All In One has 2-way audio now, the Canary Flex will have two-way audio sometime in September.



any updates? it’s 5th of October so I really want to know what updates do you have? also having other questions here but i’m just a newbie (just registered) so don’t want to bother you people without doing a proper research firstly!


Hey @Proself1,

Would you mind checking that you are running the most up to date app and Firmware versions? This would be app version 2.7.0 or later, and Firmware 2.0.0 or later.


How does the Two-Way Audio Of Canary compare with Arlo Pro? I really value this feature and it would be nice if someone can provide a valid reason why Canary exceeds Arlo’s capabilities.


Hey @georgebalanchine,

I have not personally used the Arlo Pro, but what I can say is that my experience with Two-Way Audio on the Flex has been just about flawless. It’s fast, easy to use, and basically takes no time to setup once you have your Canary already set! Definitely would recommend it!


But as canary has a few seconds of video delay does it make the two way audio out of sync/ not quite right?