Two-Way Audio?


Hello Angie,

Has there been any movement on the 2-way audio for the Flex?




Hi Evan,

Two-way audio is definitely in the works for Canary Flex, but I don’t have a release time frame just yet. Thanks for your patience!


Why does the Canary team keep referring to two-way audio being in the works for the Flex camera only? What about the AIO devices? Don’t both devices have the same basic hardware that should allow two-way audio, i.e. camera, microphone, and a speaker? If you’re working on activating a two-way audio feature for the Flex cameras, shouldn’t you do the same for the AIOs? I mean, they ARE called “All-in-One” for a reason, right? Shouldn’t they be able to do everything?


Two-Way Audio

Can you provide a broad timeline for activation of this feature? Will it be available in 2017?


I already own the original canary, and just purchased the canary flex today to monitor my front yard due to issues with neighbors. The box shows a speaker as part of the specs, so I assumed I could sound the siren and speak through the flex. I’m highly disappointed with this, it’s a bit misleading. This thread began December of 2016, it’s now almost May with no word on when this capability is coming, Looks like I’ll probably be returning the flex and getting Arlo. I can’t wait another 5 months to find out still no 2 way.


Hi @RobbW,

Thank you for continued feedback, we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this with us. This is a popular request from Canary All-in-One owners and it is something we have spent a lot of time reviewing different options for. The hardware for the Canary All-in-One is different from the Canary Flex, so it would require separate development to enable for both. We don’t have any plans to share at this time regarding adding two-way audio to the Canary All-in-One, but we do read all of your comments and will certainly keep your feedback in mind.


Hi @tindall and @MissyLee5,

We do plan to release two-way audio for Canary Flex in 2017. I’m sorry I don’t have a more specific time frame than this, but our team is conscious of this being a very important feature for Flex owners and it is a priority for us. Thank you for your patience!

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I don’t understand why for almost a year Canary has been giving the same old reply of that the release is coming soon but don’t have any idea of a date it will be active. Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair to list this as part of your features but yet it seems we will never have it and when you finally do have it working you will then have a new model that does something better with the 2 way audio and then you will expect customers to purchase that latest and greatest. I still think you should have some sort of trade in plan so that when we do upgrade we can get a discount or something.


I would also like to throw in my two cents and echo that 2 way communication between Flex especially and the AIO is a must in order to remain competitive. I’m feeling a bit shortchanged as I thought this was an included feature.

That said, Amazon Echo integration would also be HUGE to my willingness to recommend this product to friends and family. But that’s another topic.


Hey everyone! The design team at Canary is working on this feature right now. I’d love to hear how you all would use it.

Flex two-way audio

I just got a Canary AIO from Verizon, (it will be delivered today) cause I wanted something small and portable with some nice video and sound. I see that two way talk is coming for the Flex, if the AIO has a speaker then I’m looking forward to two way talk coming to it too.
If there are no plans for two way talk, then you might not want to call it an All-in-one but maybe a Mostly-in-one, since two way talk is too good of a feature to leave off (my cheap Zmodo mini even has it).


Why is it taking so long to add two way audio? I have the original Canary but I am going to get rid of it unless you can get two way audio working. I like everything else about the product and would love to keep it but I am finding it hard not to go out and buy Ring products since they already have this feature. Also, why isn’t there a doorbell type Canary product?


I know this continues to be asked but for more than 6 months the answer has been coming soon. Can you offer a more definitive time line? I am ready to throw in the towel cut my loses and purchase a different system…


I understand they are working on it… that has been the answer for months, all projects run a time line; to be successful there needs to be a way to measure it. There needs to be a better answer to ensure reliable customer service. Working on it and coming soon ended 3 months ago.


I would like this for a number of reasons and I did buy the Canary Flex with the understanding that this would be one of it’s functions. But to address your question, to talk to my cats when I’m at work.


Hello again Angie,

Has there been any movement on this feature?


This feature is planned for release in 2017.


This is a basic need now. This needs to be addressed, please


I have a Honeywell wi-fi thermostat at my home. As a Honeywell customer, I frequently receive emails and offers from them. Just this morning, I received an email advertising Honeywell’s new Lyric C1 indoor wi-fi security camera. It looks almost identical to the Canary AIO and appears to do exactly everything the Canary AIO does plus more. That “plus more” is the addition of two-way audio, sound detection alerts, adjustable alerts zones (i.e. map out which portion of the camera’s view you want to receive alerts from), etc. Plus, it’s $50 cheaper than the Canary AIO. It almost appears as if Honeywell has been monitoring Canary’s forums, especially the feature requests forum, and put out a product that gives users everything they wish they could get from their Canary devices!

It’s time for Canary to step up its game before I switch to this Honeywell offering. It is very enticing!