Two-Way Audio?


Just going to say this. I’m a flex and AIO owner and work for a retail company that sells canary products. I have stopped recommend the canary flex due to the fact that this feature has still not come into play. Every other wifi and connected security camera we sell in store offers a 2 way audio option except canary making canary not even an option. Please release this so I can again start selling your products or they will soon just be dust collectors. I had the chance to sell 6 of the Canary Flex to a single customer but my customer choose an option that offered 2 way audio. Huge disadvantage to this product in today’s market.



Keep in mind that Canary is a much smaller company than Honeywell. I don’t imagine Canary is happy some of their promised features are not yet working on Flex, but I think they are trying to get there as fast as they can.



Please stop promising two way communication, instead activate it.
To keep making the same promise and marketing a feature that does not exist in reality is only a marketing gimmick. View your timeline and watch your customers leave and not recommend your products.



Very disappointed to learn that this does not work despite the description saying this was a feature. I spent a whole day trying to figure out why this did not work on my new Canary Flex which I bought yesterday. Only joined this forum to find out what I was doing wrong. Did not expect this…



Dave, I’ve been staying tuned for months and all I hear is the same tired response. When is this going to happen? If it is going to happen you would have had meetings, discussed the roll out and have set the date, that’s how businesses work. If you haven’t done any of these things, your management team meetings are just a reason to have coffee and donuts.
So when is this going to happen?



I’m feeling a bit ripped off by Canary. The packaging for the Canary Flex lists a speaker, which implies two-way audio. I already owned the indoor model and had accepted the fact that two-way audio didn’t exist with it. When I saw the Flex and it’s integrated speaker, I assumed the feature was active. Why even put this on the packaging if the feature doesn’t work?

Poor form, Canary.



Does our veto counts? Any update?



Are there any updates on whether or not the two-way Audio feature has been added to the canary flex the last post was sine 2016



Hey everyone! Thank you all for your interest in this. Although I cannot speak directly for Canary, I know that Canary has stated before that this is something they are interested in working on more.

However, Canary does not normally comment on unreleased products or features. I’d say hang tight, when Canary says something is coming, it usually is!



That is not reassuring at all… the bible promises Jesus is coming back… I don’t want to wait 2000+ yrs for a feature I was lead-on to believe was already active when I purchased this product.



All, just a thought here. For a Canary Flex to connect on mains power takes a while… 10 seconds or so. On batteries, to wake from sleep takes a long time, upto 15-20 seconds on average by my tests on my unit. When it does wake, there is still a lot of server loop lag (Flex to cloud to mobile device).

Just throwing this out there… How would two way audio even work! The lag time in itself would be prohibitive, you talk -> sever loop to Flex, the person on camera responds -> server loop to Flex… You see what i mean. Now if audio was processed separately in real time, your conversation would be completely out of sync with the video feed.

Picture this (audio and video in sync)… Delivery arrives, as the guy/girl is already walking away from the door back to the van, you finally get video. " hey delivery person, leave it in the box next to my door". The delivery person is just at the van when they hear this. They respond “what”, several seconds later you hear this, you reply with the instructions again, several seconds later the instructions come out of the speaker. You delivery person is already back in the van and half way up the street.

Picture this (audio in real time, video as it arrives on your device)…Delivery arrives, as the guy/girl is already walking away from the door back to the van, you finally get video. “hey delivery person, leave it in the box next to my door”. The delivery person is just at the van when they hear this. They respond “what”, you repeat the instruction and they hear it immediately. They go back to the door, but you still see them near the van, “yeah, back to the door”, they reply "i’m already there, you reply “are you”… etc, etc, everyone gives up eventually.

Audio and video must be in sync and in real time to even be viable. (check Nest on youtube, there is a tiny bit of lag. The Nest IQ has virtually zero in tests). Even when the Flex is on mains power, the response times and lag would simply prohibit two-way audio ever being viable.

Short answer, i wouldn’t hold your breath for this feature on Flex.



I have stopped recommending the Canary cameras to new customers as our requests for the two way option have fallen on deaf years for too long.

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Hi all, we appreciate all the feedback and comments that have been posted on this board. We’re happy to announce that two-way Canary Talk is available with Membership on the Canary All-in-One, and coming to Flex in September. The rollout is happening in waves throughout the course of the week, so be on the lookout. More details here -

Firmware version should be 2.0.0, and app version should be 2.7.0.


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I take it back, the guys and girls at Canary are clearly on the case… Thank you Canary team :slight_smile:

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OMG!!! You guys are finally coming through on this! And the desktop live streaming, too! It is a happy day for me! Now I just have to wait patiently for the feature to become available for my devices sometime this week. I’ve already updated my app to 2.7. I suppose I have to wait until I get home to update my AIOs to 2.0 firmware, right? Or will they update automatically on their own? So far, I do not see the green microphone on my updated app, but I’m assuming that’s because it either hasn’t been fully rolled out yet or because my AIOs have not had their firmware updated yet, right?



Thanks so much for all your patience! It’s great to see that you are happy!



Your Canary will be updated automatically, but we’re slowly rolling out two-way audio to our entire customer base so it may be a few days before you’re able to use this feature. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!



@angie, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! This is THE feature I have most been waiting for from Canary. I needed this two-way talk feature for once my daughter starts back to school, which is on Wednesday this week. It is arriving just in the nick of time. Here’s hoping my AIO gets updated sooner rather than later. This is going to soothe my daughter’s anxiety very much!!! Thank you!

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I am so angry that I have been conned… the two way talk was the main reason I bought this camera. I have waited very patiently when I found out it wasn’t ready yet! I have also waited patiently for the existing masking feature on the all in one camera. I find it astounding that this is not just a simple feature activation. This camera is next to useless for people don’t live in the countryside. I have had the camera for 3 months and haven’t been able to fit it because it would do nothing but alert making it useless.

And now you write to us when you finally finish one of the features you have the audacity to bloody charge for it! This is a disgrace! I now do not want the camera and am very angry that I have wasted £200 on it! i hoped that canary would evolve into a good product, but the greed has taken control as always! Things need to change otherwise I won’t be continuing with canary and I will make it my mission to make sure others don’t fall for this sneaky con!

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Is this available for non membership users ? I find it quite wrong that your using hardware we already own which features clearly already built in to leverage membership plans, of my hardware already supports it why not let me use this ? Very disappointed in canary if this is the case, it seems you will hold this constant subscription model over our heads for every option you enable on these devices. Remember these devices are easily replaced with solutions that do not require membership, without customers you have nothing canary.