Unable to Connect Issues/Frustrations - **Long Read**

I have a total of four Canary cameras - Pro, Flex (2), and a View. We have had minor issues over the years, but nothing that couldn’t be handled with a reset.

Now… Major issues have started with receiving a red banner saying “Unable To Connect At This Time”. This banner appears anytime I am using my T-Mobile cellular network. If I connect to our home Wi-Fi, the banner disappears and we can “live view” our cameras.

All the cameras mentioned above have current firmware updates, a current Canary app from the Apple Store, on an iPhone 11 Pro Max - using iOS 14.8, under T-Mobile 5G network with full signal.

I attempted to search for an answer online but did not find anything that matched our scenario, so I emailed Canary support.

I received a response and I was informed to sign out, delete the app from my phone and re-download it. I did as requested. Unfortunately, the red banner appeared again - only to disappear while connected to our Wi-Fi. So, I emailed the Canary support rep with my findings, along with a screenshot from my phone.

With this response, it was explained to me that my account has too many “tokens”. Each device has a token, but sometimes extra tokens are created by mistake. I was told to change my password and this will correct the extra token issue. I did as requested - from my home PC, but I made sure to delete my Wife as a user.

I attempted to log into the Canary app from my phone using my cellular network - only to get - you guessed it - the red banner saying “Unable To Connect At This Time”.

So, I connected back to Wi-Fi, the banner goes away, I log in, added my Wife as a user (she got the invite email, but no option to create her own account to log in) - disconnected from Wi-Fi, only for the red banner of death to appear again when attempting to “live view” our cameras.

This is really frustrating because we all know that we cannot be connected to Wi-Fi 24/7.

With our Ring cameras - Doorbell Pro and Floodlight cam, I can see each device that has been given permission to access our account and delete it if I choose. I just cannot find that option with Canary.

The Canary rep has been great, responses have been quick, but no actual fix. Our problem has been submitted to the “Specialists Team” for further review.

If no solution is found, I think that I will have to give up on Canary. It should not be this difficult to monitor our home from two separate devices off a Wi-Fi network. If the tokens are the issue, why aren’t they an issue while on Wi-Fi?

Vent over…

Hi @colvinnx24, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had so much trouble, that’s certainly not the experience that’s wanted.

Not sure if you went through with the support team, but just want to rule something out: do you use any phone based AdBlockers or VPNs, or use an enterprise (company) certificate on your phone at all?

Otherwise, generally speaking, your best bet will be to wait for Canary’s support to get back to you. However, I am tagging @maciej and @Sean to see if they can take an extra look for you.

I hope this issue is resolved soon!

Thank you for your response.

I do not use AdBlockers, VPN’s or enterprise certificates.

I will wait for a response from the Specialists Team, but thank you for pushing this up the chain.

Hey @colvinnx24 ,

Thanks for reaching out, and bringing this to our attention.

Everything you are describing here makes it sound like there might be an issue with the Canary app’s ability to communicate over your cellular data. I’m sure you’ve probably checked this already, but just to confirm, when the red bar appears in the Canary app, can you try loading a webpage from your mobile browser to ensure it is in fact getting data?

Additionally I’d be curious to know if when your wife logs in on her own phone is she able to access the Canary system via data, or only Wi-Fi as well?

I’ll be looking forward to your response, and I’ll also circle up with our Specialist team to make sure we get to the bottom of this.