Unable to locate audio setup option


Hi Pete,

I just bought an all-in one Canary. It looks like its first generation because there’s no Bluetooth enabled on the firmware. I have connected the Yellow cable but the only version of the app (iOs) that seems to be available is for next generation so there are no options related to the yellow cable on the app setup. So, I have Canary half way through set-up, yellow cable connecting it to my iPhone…but what happens next?

About the setup category

@t0n30fbr1ck5 Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding the Audio setup options. In the event that you have a device that can only do audio setup, tapping the “Questions” link at the bottom of the attached view will give you the option to choose ‘Activate with yellow audio cable.’ The only difference in the device you have between more recent ones is the minimal firmware where bluetooth is available. I am going to move this discussion into its own thread as well.