Unble to sign up for Membership - Internet Explorer not supported?!?!


New customer, happy till now. Started to sign up for Membership. Filled in all the required fields. The bottom button, labeled “Upgrade” did not work. Called Jason in Support and he told me that Internet Explorer 11 (latest version) is an “old version”. I should try an alternative browser such as Chrome, and “there are no plans to fix the website to use with MS browser”.

Is this really the way you want to treat a new customer, and just as they are creating a revenue stream? It sends the clear message that when there are future services to be provided a similar type of reasoning will be used.

Many millions of people use MS browsers.

Looking forward to Management’s reply before contacting Best Buy, who recommended the Canary device.

PS: Looking to add devices and locations. Your response is critical to this decision.


Hi @MarkF,

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with the support team! It sounds like Jason was misinformed, I’ll make sure to talk to him and get him up to speed. We do support Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer 11, so your browser shouldn’t be the issue. We may sometimes suggest you use a different browser if you’re having problems just to avoid you having to take steps like clearing your cache on your primary browser to resolve the issue. However, if you want to stick with Internet Explorer we can definitely help troubleshoot why it’s not working with you.

Would you mind going into specifics about the problem you’re experiencing? What happens when you click the “Upgrade” button? Do you get any error messages? If you can provide screenshots showing the problem that would also be super helpful in determining what the problem is.


Dear Angie,

Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply.

This evening I tried again and this time it worked.

The problem had been that the green button on the bottom of the payment page would not activate the payment process.

Also, you may want to check that information filled in using Norton Identity Safe can be accepted by your website.

Thank again for the support.


Mark Fromm



Hey @MarkF,

That’s great, thanks for following up! I’ll pass that information on to our web team. If you run into any trouble again don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile: