Unfortunately, Canary has stopped


When I attempt to access “About this Canary Flex” to check my app version I get a message “Unfortunately, Canary has stopped”. I click OK and it takes me back to the Home page.
Can you tell me why this is happening and what the fix is please?



Hi @Garvey11,

Are you still experiencing this issue? Would you mind letting me know the make, model, and OS version of the phone you’re having this problem on?



Hi Angie
Its a Vodafone Smart First 7 VFD 200 running Android 5.1



I have the same issue with my Canary. When I get a notification on my phone and click one of them it gives me that message and shuts down. It used to work just fine and then stopped several months ago. I have sent Reports from the App but never got a response or it fixed.

I can go look live without issue but cannot see what set off the motion.

I have an original Canary from the fundraising.

Nexus 6, Android 5.1.



I reinstalled the app and that fixed the issue.



I am having the same issue now since last few days. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still same. Can some body help me on this ?

Thank you

Phone : LG G4
Android : 6.0, Build MRA58K



a Canary F I have three flexes and it indoor model and none of my devices are connecting for the last 24 hours. Although my one Flex did reconnect for about 8 hours today. I reset routers and modems to no avail



Hey @Jayk, can you please provide some more details about what occurred before this happened? Were the devices all full connected and functional at that time? If so, what on your network changed? If one device had dropped I would think it could be just the device itself having some issues, but all three devices at the same time point to a change or issue with your network or ISP.



I had the exact same issues as you, I have my devices showing as offline for 18 hours at a time at complete random they were showing as connected by wifi but could not connected to Canary cloud even though my internet connection was working perfect.

I went through multiple routers AP’s and troubleshooting for 3 months with Canary support. Who blamed a piece of equipment that wasn’t even connected for at least 1 week. I proved this and Canary support completely ignored this and sent me an email saying they’re no longer going to provide support because of this supposed equipment causing the issue, that again was not even connected and the cameras were still not connecting to Canary’s servers.

Be careful as support will blame your ISP or equipment without investigating or checking logs on their end (which I found out by ringing support) they were only going off what I said as I had Netgear involved who discovered that the Canary cameras were connected by wifi so this meant they were not connect back to Canary’s servers, this is becoming a wider spread issue and multiple users on these forums are complaining about this and on other forums by doing a Google search.



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Blocked a post criticising your cameras, what a surprise

I am getting rid of my canary cameras for something better, your service is diabolical and hiding my post is pathetic

Community message board run by Canary, hardly open and honest