Unfortunately, Canary has stopped


When I attempt to access “About this Canary Flex” to check my app version I get a message “Unfortunately, Canary has stopped”. I click OK and it takes me back to the Home page.
Can you tell me why this is happening and what the fix is please?


Hi @Garvey11,

Are you still experiencing this issue? Would you mind letting me know the make, model, and OS version of the phone you’re having this problem on?


Hi Angie
Its a Vodafone Smart First 7 VFD 200 running Android 5.1


I have the same issue with my Canary. When I get a notification on my phone and click one of them it gives me that message and shuts down. It used to work just fine and then stopped several months ago. I have sent Reports from the App but never got a response or it fixed.

I can go look live without issue but cannot see what set off the motion.

I have an original Canary from the fundraising.

Nexus 6, Android 5.1.


I reinstalled the app and that fixed the issue.


I am having the same issue now since last few days. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still same. Can some body help me on this ?

Thank you

Phone : LG G4
Android : 6.0, Build MRA58K