Update in progress


I purchased an all-in-one last week and I got the message UPDATE IN PROGRESS. It doesn’t go away. Can you help?


Hey @Fritz,

This may be due to a few issues, let’s see if we can troubleshoot. In my experience, the updates to firmware may take some time. Have you tried unplugging the device, updating the firmware and letting it sit for quite some time (say an hour?). If you have, take a look at these FAQs below. If all of that still doesn’t answer your issue, I would recommend contacting Canary directly. Information about doing so is below the FAQs.

Submit a ticket to Canary’s support team so that they can take a look at your specific device(s) and assist in figuring this out.

A few tips when submitting your ticket:

  • Include the email you use on your account as your contact email so Canary can find your account quickly.
  • If you have multiple types of Canary devices, include this information.
  • Attach any pictures or videos that might help diagnose the issue you are having.
  • Be as detailed as you can in your description to help Canary diagnose your issue.
  • Say what you have already tried and how you did it, this may help speed up your time to a fix.
  • Include a link to this topic if it contains additional information from other users that might help Canary.


Hi Zev:

Thank you for your response. I’ll try your suggestions and will be in touch.



Yes Fritz I have the same issue with my Flex I just bought and I’ve tried to install it twice and yet my apps do not recognize it as the 5th camera it just says UPDATE IN PROGRESS on that dayum green bar and I’ve contacted customer service twice to put in a ticket for help but I also noticed that my Flex doesn’t have any of the lights on the front as the others have but yet I get notifications sent on my phone saying it’s fully charged and it’s online but I can’t get it to where I can actually view it live like the other cameras.



I would suggest waiting to hear back from Canary’s customer support at this time. That will likely be the best route for you.