Updating to latest version


How do I update to the latest app v2.1.0 on my android phone?


Hey @marting, you can update to the latest version of our Android app in the Google Play Store by searching for “Canary” and tapping the update button on the app page.

Let me know if I can provide any further clarification.

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Thanks Pete but can’t find an update button on your site.



That button would be on the Google Play Store page. If you’re viewing it on your phone, it should look like this:

Instead of “Install,” it should say “Update.”


out of the box my update took 4 hours. I am on 500/500 up/down too!!!


@johnnyj42 To clarify, did it take you 4 hours to download the Canary app? That’s the subject of this thread. If you need help with your device’s firmware update, please create a separate thread or contact us at support@canary.is. Thanks!