User setable recording length


Can a setting be added to enable the recording length to be user definable e.g. 10 seconds, 30 seconds etc?




Thanks for the feedback, @Deskman!

Would you mind providing a bit more detail on your intended use case for this? I’d love to better understand the issue you’d like to see solved.


Hi Pete,

Canary users have different needs e.g. knowing when kids get home (maybe just need a 10 second video clip) or when an unknown person triggers an alert (maybe want a much longer clip).

Or maybe if there are frequent alerts you only want short clips to look at, or if you are away from home you want a longer one.

It could also lower clip size for downloading or storage etc.

I’ve used other systems where the clip length is user definable (within limits), and found it useful.




@deskman that’s a very cool idea! What clip lengths might you want to have the option to use?


Thanks for clarifying, Brian!


Hi Zev,

Why can’t it be user definable - perhaps up to a maximum imposed by the software to limit the amount of space taken up in the Cloud?

But to answer your question, maybe 5 seconds minimum, 2 minutes maximum.




I am looking into a Flex and wonder if it has continuous recording like how the Canary home does? For example if there is activity, the Canary home continuously records until activity stops. Does the Flex do the same? Or does it only record for a number of seconds?


Hi @bhdien,

When Flex is plugged in it behaves just as the Canary does - as long as it’s not in Privacy mode it will record when motion is detected. When Flex is not plugged in it behaves differently to preserve battery. For example, when on battery Flex sleeps in a low power mode and relies on a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to detect motion in the form of heat to wake it up to start recording. Once the PIR no longer detects motion in front of the device it will quickly go back to sleep but there is no pre-defined recording duration.

Hope that helps.