Using Flex plugged in


On the information page for the Flex, it says you can plug it in outside if there is a green dot on the bottom of the power adapter. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something - the one that comes with it doesn’t seem to have a green dot anywhere that I could find. So - do I need to buy something else if I want to try it?



Where do you see that listed for Canary? Just want to clarify what it is you are referring to.



It’s right on the main Flex help page.

“If you want to use Canary Flex outdoors, the device has a rechargeable battery designed to last multiple months with normal usage. Set it up wire-free or plug your device in outdoors using a weatherproof, covered outlet if you see a green dot on the bottom of the power adapter.”


I am new to the canary flex and I also am curious to this mysterious “Green Dot” on the outdoor power adapter. Does anybody know what or where this green dot is??