Using the Flex outside


I want to pick up a few Flex’s for outside my house, but I am curious how the mount itself adheres to a surface. I know that there is a magnetic mount for the camera itself, but how about if I want to stick it to a wall. Is it a double-sided tape, magnetic, a screw mount, etc?

I would prefer to mount these under the soffit on the second floor of my home, however I realize that might not be realistic, as I would need to get up on a ladder every few months (if not more) to recharge them. I am curious how others have mounted them?

Also, I live in Florida, so the exterior is all stucco. Not sure if that makes mounting easier or hard.



Hey Jeremy!

Here let me include some pictures of the amount for you.

To answer the question, a sticky mount will not work with this (even purchasing it and using it on your own, the surface isn’t wide and flat enough to get a good mount that way). The only way to mount it is via a screw mount (I believe included in the Flex kit if I recall correctly) directly into the wall. It then mounts to the camera via a magnetic mount built into the Flex.

The other option is to look at doing something similar to what I did here. There is a 1/4-20 thread mount on the base of the device that can be screwed into (it’s the same mount as what is on 99% of mid-level cameras and video camcorders seen on the market today)


I ended up mounting mine outside on stucco. It wasn’t easy, but I will post a picture later. I really wish they would include a drill bit like the Ring Camera does.


I’d love to mount mine under the soffet as well but the issue then is that the picture is upside down, it doesn’t flip if the camera is mounted upside down. You can’t mount it with the top against the mount either, it won’t stay.

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