Vandalized Canary


Just curious if anyone has ever had their Canary vandalized? I just installed 3 on the outside of the house which are just a little out of reach. I can’t get them any higher as the house is a 1 level home. I’m hoping no one messes with them. I bought the screw on mount but if there are any suggestions on a more secure way or safer place to install them, I’m all ears.


I have personally not heard any such stories on the forums, but I wouldn’t say that it is out of the realm of possibility. Your best bet is likely to do your best to hide it as well as you can if you’re concerned about this. The secure mount does a good job at securely mounting the device as well, and of course, if anything was too happen, you’d likely have a great shot of the perp!


[quote=“Zev, post:2, topic:3246”]
hide it as well as you can
[/quote] - Achieving this would, of course, be much easier if we had the option of turning-off the useless white circle that always attracts insects and could attract theft.