Video cut short just before epic meteor in perfect position!


I was coming home late and was walking to my garage door when I saw an epic meteor fireball. It was directly in the view of the camera and incredible. I checked the event and the Canary started filming as normal as I’m walking to the garage, but then it inexplicably cuts out and stops just before the meteor would enter the video! This sighting was well documented on the local news so I know I’m not going crazy.

Can anyone tell me how to request the full video from that event? I believe the camera is not supposed to shut off until all movement is done and all of this was far less than 10 minutes. Please let me know if I can get this footage and thanks!


Hey @TBK,

Thanks for reaching out. We definitely want to see if there is any additional video that can be retrieved. I’ll send you a DM so I can gather some more information and investigate this further.