Video events have the wrong time on the timeline


The recorded video displays a time which is 5 hours earlier than the correct time. Please help. I can’t locate a setting in the app. to adjust. Activities such as arriving at home and leaving have the correct time displayed.


Sorry to hear that @fmwiencek. Just to clarify, are the videos showing up five hours after they should? Are notifications being sent when they should as well?

Also, can you tell me the make/model/software version of the mobile device you’re using?

Time stamp for events is 2 hours later than actual time

It is fixed now. I just did a camera power cycle, unplug and plug it back in.

Videos were appearing in the timeline immediately. The time shown for the video was wrong. If a video was taped at 9:00 PM the time showed 4:00 PM. Also we were not receiving notifications. Now the notifications are back after the reset.


Thanks for the tip! It was happening to me too. Video time stamp on All In One Canary was 6 hours earlier than what was shown in the video. It was just happening on one of my Canarys.