What are the actual Battery Ranges for Flex


The Flex has the three battery saving levels, but they’re just described as Short, Mid, and Long Range.

Roughly speaking, what are these ranges in feet/meters?


Hey there, the ranges are approximately Low 0-4ft, Medium 0-16ft, and Long 0-28ft. Height and placement of the device has an effect on what is captured as well.

This article also provides additional context for how the Flex detects motion, and recommendations for device placement - https://help.canary.is/hc/en-us/articles/115005256028-How-does-Flex-detect-motion-when-on-battery-

Hope this helps a bit.



Any info on why the Flex wiilnot record if not connected to AC


In my experience, the issue is that it takes a lot to trigger the Flex when
in battery mode, and takes a long time to wake up after that. This makes it
pretty much unusable for any events shorter than 30-40 seconds. The aim was
for us to use the Flex outdoors in battery mode as camera above the garage,
but we’re going to have to have electricity run to the camera for the Flex
to be worth anything.


That’s correct. It takes about 30 seconds to wake it up. This “misfeature” and the new membership plan have been the reasons to return my two Flex’ after a few weeks…