What is a location in the membership agreement?


Hi Canary team, could you answer this question for me please, its related to the term “Location” within the premium paid for options.

In the sign-up screen “unlimited devices per location”

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Extracted from the terms and conditions on the site below…

Membership is billed on a per-device, per-location basis. The final price of your Membership will be a function of the number of devices registered with your active Canary Account at each physical location on your account. If a physical location has Membership activated, all devices at that location must be on Membership. In the event that the number of devices changes during the course of a month or year, depending on which billing option you choose, your bill will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis either on a monthly or annual basis to reflect the change in the number of registered devices.

Yet in the app, anything “location” related is refereed to as “Device placement” or “Home Details”

I would really like to know what “unlimited devices per location” really means and what is a “location”?

  • Is it unlimited Canary devices in “Device placement” meaning i don’t get charged for more Canary Flex devices looking at my driveway.

  • Or is it unlimited Canary devices at a specific address? Meaning if i have another property, i have to pay more (which is completely understandable).

hope you can clarify, thanks.


Hi @Stuart,

Great questions!

When you first install a Canary to your account, it will prompt you to create a “Location”. This represents the home or address the Canary is installed to. When installing any additional Canary devices, you’ll be asked if it will be at the same Location as your first Canary, or if it will be somewhere else. Two cameras in the same house would stay on a single Location. If the second camera will be at a separate address like a vacation home, that would be a new Location.

Membership is per Location, so if you have multiple Locations you’d need to buy Membership separately for any of them you’d like covered.

As for the “Unlimited devices per location,” this is to indicate you can install as many cameras as you’d like to a single Location with Membership (as opposed to the free plan, which is limited to 4 cameras per Location). When installing multiple cameras to a Location with Membership, the price will increase as additional cameras are installed.

I hope this clarifies things! Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Hi Angie,
Thanks for the reply, this makes it much clearer to understand.