Where is the MAC address of my canary?


I am setting my Linksys router up to only accept certain MAC addresses m. How can I find the MAC address of my canary?


I havent found mac address in the app but how I found mine was going into Canary settings, clicking on devices , then clicked on my canary, then click on about this Canary and I found the Serial number and thats how mine was broadcasting. So I was able to label it that way. OR you can contact Support and they will send it to you.


Hi @Robert,

As @Schpeen mentioned, you can contact Canary at support@canary.is, and someone will provide you with the Wi-Fi MAC address for your Canary. Thanks!


Assume you could also look in the wifi admin settings on the router?


This really should be printed on the box, just like with most network-enabled devices.