Where is the maintained, updated, online instruction manual?


I have so many questions that an online, regularly updated, complete manual would answer. Where is that manual?

For example, where are the detailed instructions describing the meaning of the green dots that sometimes display at the bottom of my videos? Why do yellow boxes sometimes display on the timeline videos?

Where is the complete, online manual?


Hi @bikerval, the most complete, up-to-date information on Canary’s products can be found in our Help Center.

With regard to the green dots, if you have a timeline entry that captured video from multiple Canary devices, those dots indicate that there’s another video available. To access the other video(s), hide the playbar by tapping on the video and then swipe left or right.

The yellow rectangles are described in this article.



Thanks, Andy.

Where are those green dots and the usage of them described in an online manual?


So, there is no actual user manual? A manual with an index?

I see articles about some things but no actual instructions on how to navigate the app or the Video History web page.


Hi @bikerval, We do have user guides (see links below), but due to the high frequency of improvements and new features, it is more efficient for us to update the web content in realtime.

Canary All-in-one: http://website-assets.canary.is/resources/Canary_UserGuide_EN.pdf
Canary View: http://website-assets.canary.is/resources/CanaryFlex_UserGuide_EN.pdf

In regards to the pagination design we employ in the app, it is a common mobile pattern, so we did not believe it was worth mentioning in the Help center or either user manual. We will consider adding some guidance on how to navigate a location with multiple devices to the Help Center based on your feedback. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for pointing me to the pdf User Guides.

Why is it hard to update the pdf User Guides? It should be a regular part of the documentation update cycle.

By pagination design do you mean under what circumstance one moves from page to page via a swipe left/right or up/down vs look for that under the three bar menu button vs a named button taking one to a new page? There is a standard for that? Where is that standard documented?


@bikerval By pagination, I meant the the green and grey dots you see on a video when multiple devices caught motion at the same time. There is no mobile design standards documentation that I know of. I just meant that the dots are often used in mobile apps to convey there is more content when a user swipes left or right. We will consider adding something to our user manual about this.

Thank you again for your feedback. We are dedicated to making our product easy to use for all users and will keep your feedback in mind as we evolve the product.


Thanks for the explanation mckenna. That makes sense and yes, now that I think of it, I have seen the dots advising there are more photos, for example, to left or right.

If there are two dots, I’d rather see two entries in the timeline. As it stands, one must start playing video in order to see if there is hidden video within that spot on the timeline.

There are times, however, when there are two dots but each represents exactly the same footage. Looks the same on the PC except named blocks not dots. Is that supposed to be that way?


Hey @bikerval, can you clarify (or maybe show an example) of where you are being this?