Xperia z5 Compact / Mode changing / 7.0


Hello all,

This is a question and a report at once; specifically about the Sony Xperia Z5 compact on Android 7.0, hopefully other people also have this device here.

After a few weeks of talking with the beta/support team I am still having mode switching delay and only since Android 7 was installed. Specifically almost every time I enter my apartment Canary is recording, and typically the delay before it notices I am home is long enough to send alerts.

To avoid anything known:

  • Android 7 is installed, unrooted and factory re-set
  • Phone set-up as a new device, no restoration from backups
  • Battery level/power saving modes are not the fault
  • The phone is frequently awake at the time due to music playback
  • It takes about 2 minutes to enter the building and get to my door, WiFi connects meanwhile
  • I can stand watching Canary with the application open on screen and still see no change
  • Location services are used a lot, I do not disable GPS access or similar

At this point I am almost fully blaming the Sony firmware as they have done a poor job of various other things like Bluetooth in the past. Nonetheless I am keen to find anyone with the same set-up and hear their experience, also to provide a “me too” for anyone else who may come looking.